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New Cost Free Webinar for 2021

Clicks to customers in just a few steps. Sounds easy and appealing doesn’t it? Starting a business of any kind is hard work and comes with its own unique challenges. “Online” is just a channel that connects businesses to people. It is a powerful tool that lets you reach anyone from anywhere in the world. Creating a profitable online business is about connecting the right customers with the right offer and leveraging technology to make that happen.

We will look at business models, offers and ecommerce basics to help you create a business that serves your customer and your lifestyle. We will share insight and tips about branding, launching, and scaling an online business.

You will leave ready to turn your ideas into income.

Explore, Design, Launch

Enrolling for FALL 2021 Now

In collaboration with Mission Community Services Corp. Women’s Business Center of San Luis Obispo, Kern and Monterey counties, we are excited to offer an updated version of this timely program for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In a live online virtual setting, you will have the opportunity to connect with others while learning the fundamentals of what it takes to create a thriving business now.  We’ll share best practices and tips for COVID compliance,  resilience, recovery and rebuild;  online business models and marketing; plus business planning, financial fundamentals and more.

Worried about the cost?  Follow the link to learn more about the program and how to qualify to participate cost free.

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September 2nd at Noon Pacific Time

September 7 at 5 PM Pacific Time


Fall Session

September 14 to November 16, 2021

Tuesdays, 4 pm to 6:30 pm Pacific Time

Webinar Marketing 101:  How to Catch the Online Marketing Wave

New Cost Free Webinar for 2021

A thriving business in a post-COVID landscape is possible. We have all been invited to ZOOM or virtual online gatherings. Join me to learn how to use this technology to grow your business, gather your audience and provide value.

I have been working in a remote/work from home virtual setting for over 15 years and I still LOVE it! I will share how to use webinars as a marketing tool for your business, why webinars are more in demand, and how they can fit into your existing business model. We will also talk a little about online marketing, choosing the right platform and much, much more.

You will leave ready to rock your video platform to create opportunity, connect and engage with your clients virtually. We are all about helping you gain more tools for business success during these uncertain times.

We are here to help.  We’re collaborating with brilliant business leaders to bring you virtual learning and networking events.  Our commitment is to help you BE mindful, stay connected and keep your small business going and growing.  Join our list to learn about our online learning programs, mentoring membership and members only events.

We’re on a mission to teach women how to make the shift from success to significance, to provide the strategies, skills and leadership know-how to build a profitable, heart based business, to think global, act local and make a positive impact and income.

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“How Leaders Grow from a Fearful Space”

As the pandemic crisis tests our faith, values and ideas about “business as usual,” there is an enormous opportunity for companies and individuals to rally hope in others and to emerge as leaders. In this episode, Liz Christofferen, Founder and CEO of the Empower Consulting Group, talks about how leadership is the difference between expansion and contraction, the importance of collaboration in addition to competition, and her 4 key actions about how true leaders will inspire others to rebuild the new economy.