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Courage Rising

A Conversation with Aquilla Lynette on Courage, Vulnerability & Authenticity


Wed., Sept 23rd at 10 am Pacific time.

“How Leaders Grow from a Fearful Space”

As the pandemic crisis tests our faith, values and ideas about “business as usual,” there is an enormous opportunity for companies and individuals to rally hope in others and to emerge as leaders. In this episode, Liz Christofferen, Founder and CEO of the Empower Consulting Group, talks about how leadership is the difference between expansion and contraction, the importance of collaboration in addition to competition, and her 4 key actions about how true leaders will inspire others to rebuild the new economy.

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You have an amazing sense of who you are and a growing sense of what you want.  You understand to truly shine; your inside attitudes and desires need to be in alignment with your outside actions.  You’re hungry to find a way to wholeheartedly express your gifts and ambitions in the world.

What you lack is the like-minded community with whom you can be utterly honest.  You lack long-term high-level support with an experienced business mentor fully focused on you and your business success.  You may also be lacking a little motivation to keep doing the work, day after day, when the results aren’t immediately clear.

I understand.  I’ve been there.  And so, do the other women who’ll be joining you in your curated circle.

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You want all of this and more despite the uncertainty or overwhelm or chaos of it all.  You want it even when you feel the knot in the middle of your stomach signaling fear is taking hold.  And you know, deep down inside, it’s hard to do it alone.

Building a profitable business and living a life you love is an extraordinary experience.  Deliberately surrounding yourself with a positive and supportive community can make all the difference.

I am all about empowering the next generation of women to recognize, articulate and act on their greatest strengths, and to offer powerful solutions to help women realize their potential.  I’ve helped my clients unlock the magic within, blow the ceiling off their limitations, shift their mindset and practice conscious creation.

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