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We’re collaborating with brilliant business leaders to bring you virtual learning and networking events. We’re on a mission to help you BE mindful, stay connected and keep your small business going and growing.

"How to Grow from a Fearful Space"

The world needs leaders now who are ready to see a brighter future and a better tomorrow for us all. Thank you Deven Spear and the team at Overabove for the invitation to conversation. It’s going to take more than just talk to move us from where we are to where we want to be. We need to follow our thoughts and words with great action. Listen to our conversation, think about how it inspires your vision for the future, map out your action plan and follow through. I’d love to hear from you about what resonated, what created meaning for you and how I can help you become the great leader you are destined to be.

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Shift Happens
Featured in "Shift Happens" Survival Guide

 Kim McDaniels, Gina Cinardo & Liz Christoffersen invite you to join us for this free series to help you through all the “shifts” and changes we are experiencing now.  Instead of worrying about what we can’t do, let’s TALK about things we CAN do.  This is the perfect moment to learn more and get creative.  In this 3 part series, we’ll be discussing:

  • How can we leverage the opportunities this moment in time presents?
  • How can we take proactive steps to diversify our income streams?
  • What is distance commerce and how can I participate?
  • How can we adapt our expectations, enhance our resilience and pivot well?
  • How can we fortify the foundation of our business, expand our marketing and prepare for the new normal when this is over?

Even if you don’t know where to start, there has never been a better time to connect, learn and grow.  Join us to learn positive action steps to keep your mind and heart centered, to keep your small business going and growing.  Learn how to:

  • Build business resilience through multiple revenue streams
  • Build your brand and online marketing virtually
  • Find your ideal prospects, referral partners and engage with them virtually
  • Craft your “all hands on deck” emergency plan

We’ll each be sharing tips you can do right away to improve your visibility, bolster your resilience and prepare for better times ahead.  We’ll have a question and answer period to help us know what you need now so we can connect you to resources and solutions.

We can’t control the situation unfolding before us.  We CAN control our response to it and get ahead of the curve.  We can ready ourselves for the recovery now.  Join us with hearts and minds open.  Accept our invitation and join our mission to spread calm and help us build a community of leaders committed to envision and build a better world.

P.S. If you think your friends can benefit from this series, please invite them along.  Share the registration link on your website, favorite social channels or in an email to your circle.  And don’t forget to register, too!    

Spring Ahead
Featured in "Shift Happens" Survival Guide

Join Ke Kai Kealoha owner of Aloha Chicks, Pam Baczuk owner of Smartly Elegant and Liz Christoffersen for this insightful conversation about how to bounce back, be intentional, and make room for more as we create a brave new world together.

Learn more from these experts about what it means to be an entrepreneur today.  They’ll share their best tips for how they are weathering the storm.  You’ll leave with some new ideas to implement now to help you build resilience, get creative and prepare for a brand new day tomorrow.

P.S. If you think your friends can benefit from this, please invite them along.  Share the registration link on your website, favorite social channels or in an email to your circle.  And don’t forget to register, too!  

Courageous Virtual Leadership
Coming Soon

Courageous Virtual Leadership is about how to coach, mentor, lead, inspire and collaborate with your team online.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are adapting to the reality of a remote workforce. Connecting virtually has been a standard for lots of businesses around the globe. We’ve had the pleasure of assisting global leaders design and deliver in a virtual setting. Now, we’re making those same strategies, key learnings and resources available to small business owners. If leadership in a virtual setting is new for you, please join me to learn best practices, resources and tips to help you be the leader your business and your team need you to be now. We’ll discuss:

  • Why it is important to put your own oxygen mask on first
  • How to craft a new vision for your business and your team
  • How to communicate with courage when you don’t know
  • Tips to strengthen your team relationships while building trust and authentic connections
  • Share ideas to keep your remote team engaged
  • Choosing the right technology and schedule
  • Plus more great ideas, best practices, resources and tips

Human beings thrive on human interaction. Face-to-face, in-the-room relationships add meaning and value to our lives. Our ability to connect and communicate with others impacts our health and well-being. Leaders everywhere and at every level are being called to encourage and engage in practices that encourage conversation and community in the age of “social or physical distancing.”

There’s never been a better time to build your communication and leadership skills. We’re here to help you by providing the tools and techniques to become a more impactful leader by unlocking higher purpose in yourself, your teams, and your business.

P.S. If you think your friends can benefit from this, please invite them along.  Share the registration link on your website, favorite social channels or in an email to your circle.  And don’t forget to register, too!  

Values Deep Dive & Why Discovery

Give the gift of confidence.

Get clear on the values that matter most to you.  Learn how your values filter your experience and drive you forward.  Build a values-centered life and business.

NEW FOR 2020
Course Creation Lab
Retreats People Love

Course Creation Lab

Are you an expert or someone who loves to teach?  Do you have learning content you want to monetize and are not sure where to begin?  We’ll share a method to successfully create content that shares your expertise from the heart and resonates with your audience.  We’ll explore ways to market your learning program and share systems, tips, tools and more.


Retreats People Love

Retreats are a great way to gather your group in an awe inspiring setting to do the inner work that leads to outer transformation.  I’ve designed, delivered and led retreats around the globe for corporate clients, for women’s business mentoring groups and more.  In this interactive learning, you’ll learn how to create and plan a retreat that delivers an experience that aligns with your brand promise while delivering tangible results to your business.


Virtual Program Coming Soon

Strong women get their needs met to ensure their well is full for others.  Take a time out to replenish and be more resilient.


Virtual Program Coming Soon

Expand your mind and soul.  Tap into the creativity within, allow your genius to play and express your love to the world.

Luxepreneur Membership

"A Community of Mindful Extraordinary Women Rising Together"

Created to revolutionize the way women work, play, live.  Designed by women for women, Luxepreneur is an inclusive, global community for mindful, collaborative women to connect, learn and help each other accelerate their potential.  We believe Empowered Women Empower Women and when women collaborate AMAZING things happen.  

Together, we recognize and celebrate each other’s strengths, believe in the power of the collective, are willing to build profitable, heart-based businesses and lead by example.  We embrace living a life we love.

We are part of the change taking place in our community today:  owning a business we grow our way, using our brand to influence positive change, being community leaders who stand for ourselves and become a voice for others.  We are Being the Change we wish to see in the world, stepping out of our comfort zones, ready, willing and able to make a difference.

Members Enjoy

  • Authentic Connection
  • Inspired Collaboration
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Focused Direction

Enrolling Now – Membership Fees Waived

COST: $1494.00 

Prepay 6 month membership plan

COST: $249.00/month 

6 month membership

Recurring payment plan


  • Trusted, curated circles for mentoring and accountability
  • Monthly Mindset Mastery sessions to keep you focused, energetic and positive
  • Access to online learning
  • Members only events
  • Entrepreneur and leadership assessments, resources, tools

Over a six (6) month period  members receive:

Six (6) private, one (1) hour, one on one sessions with a business strategy mentor

Six (6), one (1) hour, virtual group sessions

Invitation to participate in two (2) live, on location, members only group events

Direct access via email and private group forum

24/7 access to signature online learning programs

  • DreamBiz CEO – entrepreneurship
  • OneHeart Quest – leadership


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