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Your values and your why are the magic compass that point to your True North.  Do you know what your values are?  Do you know what your why is?  Are you living your real values and purpose every day?  When things you say and things you do are in alignment with your true values and your why you THRIVE.

Your values and why work together to define your behavior, shape your code of conduct and guide clear decision making.  Working together they help you find clarity, meaning and fulfillment in work and life.

Signs you are living in conflict with your values and your why

  • Too busy for what you truly love
  • Persistent, distraction behavior – overcompensating with food, drink, social media and more
  • Feeling stuck, not growing
  • Hidden lack of self worth and confidence – feeling like you are not enough

Your Values & Your Why Matter

Values are powerful guides that influence your decisions, attitude, mindset, behavior, action and more.  The power of knowing your values is how they help you change your behavior.  Living a life you love is about staying true to you, your values and your why.

Everyone has a why.  It is the purpose, cause, belief that drives each one of us.  Fulfillment comes when we live and work on purpose, when our actions are aligned with our why and our values.

What we’ll share

  • What are Values & Why do they Matter?
  • Finding Center (Mindset)
  • Brainstorm & Highlight Your Top Values
  • Discover Your Why – Finding words to express what truly inspires you
  • Live in Alignment, Staying True to You

What You’ll Leave With

  • Clarity, vision, personal direction
  • Better decision making
  • Alignment of behavior and belief
  • Experience greater fulfillment, contentment, consistency
  • Live life knowing you are being guided by your True North to be your best self

This is for you if 

  • A higher standard for your business and life are goals this year
  • Being open to self discovery is a priority
  • You are ready to invest in your personal development

What People Are Saying . . .

Liz helped me get very clear very quickly.  Boy, she asked a lot of questions that honestly frustrated me.  She created a safe space for me to work through the frustration and get to the heart of it all.  Now my personal goals and business goals are aligned instead of working against each other.  I love my business and my life. CH, Austin, TX

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Luxepreneur | Liz Christofferesen

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